Appreciation of the sacrificers (Isargar) working in Actoverco Company

Nahaleh Naraghi

On the occasion of Arba’een, 150 sacrificers (Isargar) working in the Actover group were appreciated and honored.

According to the public relations of Actover Group, in this ceremony, which was held in the presence of the managers of Actoverco companies, the “Isargar”, “Azadeh” and “Janbaz” colleagues of different companies of Actoverco were honored. At this intimate gathering, Nahaleh Naraghi, besides the appreciation of the sacrifices and dedications during the eight years of the holy defense, called the presence of the “Isargars” in the Actoverco companies a source of honor and pride and emphasized: “In addition to religious learnings, human, and chivalry principles dictate that we all appreciate the sacrifices and selflessness of people who provide security and peace for the people of our country.”

In this ceremony, which was held on the occasion of Arba’een, all the 150 Isargars working in the Actoverco companies appreciated and honored with a certificate of merit and a biography book of Martyr Ebrahim Hadi. It is noteworthy that the late Mostafa Naraghi, the founder of the Actoverco Company was one of the activists in the supply of medicine during the imposed war, who tried his best to reduce the severity of the international problems and restrictions of the imposed war, and to make people less worried about providing the drugs they needed. He was known as one of the benefactors of the country.

sacrificers (Isargar) working in Actoverco Company