Message from Ms. Nahaleh Naraqi on the occasion of Health Week

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Message from Ms. Nahaleh Naraqi on the occasion of Health Week

“National Health Week”, a reminder of a serious social responsibility

nahaleh naraghi message for health week

From the 21st till 27th of April is celebrated as “National Health Week” in Iran.

The slogan of this year’s national health week is “family health and popularization of health”.

“National Health Week” serves as a poignant reminder of our collective duty towards societal well-being, emphasizing the profound social responsibility we bear towards ensuring equitable access to healthcare for all. This slogan underscores the imperative of addressing disparities in health outcomes and access to medical services, irrespective of socio-economic status, geographic location, or any other dividing factor. It emphasizes the fundamental right of every individual to enjoy a basic standard of health and underscores the need for comprehensive policies and initiatives aimed at promoting equality in healthcare provision.

“Health” is not only an individual and universal right, it is one of the fundamental rights of the members of the nation and ale all people are responsible for it.

Achieving universal health depends on the concern and informed participation of the general public as well as relevant executive bodies; it cannot be achieved without comprehensive participation and public engagement.


The valuable experience gained during the pandemic COVID-19 has shown that achieving health is not possible without awareness-raising efforts and active participation by everyone; it cannot be limited to the narrow framework of the Ministry of Health, healthcare organizations, drug regulation systems, healthcare facilities, etc.

Actoverco pharmaceutical Group is one of the largest private pharmaceutical units in the Middle East producing nearly 400 pharmaceutical products in 15 therapeutic areas as well as raw materials for drugs and supplements.


Active participation in information campaigns on non-communicable diseases, free distribution of “Health Greetings” magazine at pharmacies nationwide, continuous information dissemination and education on healthy lifestyles, diseases, non-communicable disease risk factors through their website and communication channels on various social media platforms are part of Actoverco pharmaceutical Group’s efforts towards enhancing personal and societal health in the country.


I hope that with a comprehensive understanding of the necessity for widespread participation by all institutions and people towards improving health and hygiene practices through greater public engagement, we will witness continuous improvement in health indicators, resolution of problems and inequalities, strengthening infrastructure readiness within our healthcare system against potential challenges and pandemics.

Nahaleh Naraqi